Self-paced online course with lecture videos, quizzes, eManual, reflection questions, and cases

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What’s In It For You?
Increase your chances of getting a "YES" from your manager, customer, teammates, or stakeholders!  Use proven scientific principles to easily get buy-in and support from others!  Be a master influencer who achieves “win-win” results!
This Course is Best For
Anyone who influences, persuades, or convinces other people in the course of their work.  Anyone in a supervisory or managerial role.  Sales people, account managers, process experts/ leads, project managers. 
Completion Time
Maximum of 2 hours
Course Access
Up to 3 Years from course purchase

Course Curriculum

  • 1

    Course Orientation

    • Welcome to LJMB Online! Your Award-winning L&D Partner in the Philippines!

    • A Message From Your Instructor

    • Our SUGGESTIONS for Successful COURSE Completion + Troubleshooting Tips!

    • Engage with Your Co-learners, Get Ready to Share Your ACQs!

    • Join the Conversation on LinkedIn!

  • 2

    Course Files

    • Download Your eManual

    • FREEBIE: Download Your Key Takeaways Worksheets

  • 3

    Lecture Videos

    • Lecture Videos: Guide Instructions

    • 1: Why Bother to “Influence”: 6 Truths About Influence

    • 1: Check-in Quiz

    • 2: What is “Influence”: 3 Components of Influence

    • 2: Check-in Quiz

    • 3: The Science of Persuasion

    • 3: Check-in Quiz

    • 4: Practical Applications of the “Science of Persuasion”

    • 4: Reflection Questions

    • 5: Practical Tips: Applying The RECIPROCITY Principle

    • 5: Check-in Quiz

    • 6: Practical Tips: Applying The SCARCITY Principle

    • 6: Check-in Quiz

    • 7: Practical Tips: Applying The AUTHORITY Principle

    • 7: Check-in Quiz

    • 8: Practical Tips: Applying The CONSISTENCY Principle

    • 8: Check-in Quiz

    • 9: Practical Tips: Applying The Principle of LIKING

    • 9: Check-in Quiz

    • 10: Practical Tips: Applying The Consensus Principle

    • 10: Check-in Quiz

    • 11: Four Types of Personalities You Will Influence: The DISC Model

    • 11: Check-in Quiz

    • 12: How to Influence Each of the Four Types of Personalities

    • 12: Check-in Quiz

  • 4

    Learning Application

    • Case Scenario Instructions: How will you apply what you’ve learned in these common workplace situations?

    • Case Scenario Activity: How will you apply what you’ve learned in these common workplace situations?

  • 5


    • TRUE or FALSE. Read each statement carefully and determine if it is TRUE or FALSE.

  • 6


    • Closing Message From Your Instructor

  • 7

    Your Feedback Is Important To Us

    • Congratulations for finishing your course! We'd love to hear from you, please leave us a feedback!

  • 8

    Post-Course Support

    • Free Email Consultation

    • Request For A Virtual Class or Blended Learning Program

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