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What’s In It For You?
Master the science and art of giving feedback, coaching for skills transfer, and coaching for performance! Boost employee engagement, build your company succession plan, and strengthen your organization's competitive advantage!  Be equipped with conversation structures and techniques proven and tested by thousands of leaders!
This Course is Best For
People managers who have team members to give feedback to and coach.  Anyone responsible for the performance improvement, skills and career development of another person. 
Completion Time
Maximum of 2 hours
Course Access
Up to 3 Years from course purchase

Course Curriculum

  • 1

    Course Orientation

    • Welcome to LJMB Online! Your Award-winning L&D Partner in the Philippines!

    • A Message From Your Instructor

    • Our SUGGESTIONS for Successful COURSE Completion + Troubleshooting Tips!

    • Engage with Your Co-learners, Get Ready to Share Your ACQs!

    • Join the Conversation on LinkedIn!

  • 2

    Course Files

    • Download Your eManual

    • FREEBIE: Download Your eHandout

    • FREEBIE: Download Your Copy of the Individual Development Plan Now!

  • 3

    Lecture Videos

    • Lecture Videos: Guide Instructions

    • 1: Review: Why We Need A Coaching & Mentoring Culture

    • 2: The 70/20/10 Model of Learning

    • 3: Formal and Informal Coaching & Mentoring

    • 4: Differentiating Feedback, Coaching, & Mentoring

    • 5: The 4 Types of Coachees

    • 6: Adapting & Flexing Your Coaching Style

    • 7: The 7Cs: Qualities & Behaviors of Effective Coaches & Mentors

    • 8: The BESt Technique in Giving Feedback

    • 9: The PESOS Framework: Coaching for Skills Transfer

    • 10: The GROW Model: For Performance Coaching, Career Coaching, & Mentoring

  • 4

    Demo Videos

    • BESt Feedback and PESOS Coaching by Louie & Aly (Role-Play delivered in a mix of English & Filipino)

  • 5


    • TRUE or FALSE. Read each statement carefully and determine if it is TRUE or FALSE.

  • 6


    • Closing Message From Your Instructor

  • 7

    Your Feedback Is Important To Us

    • Congratulations for finishing your course! We'd love to hear from you, please leave us a feedback!

  • 8

    Post-Course Support

    • Free Email Consultation

    • Request For A Virtual Class or Blended Learning Program

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