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What’s In It For You?
Here’s a course focused on sharpening Pinoy leadership skills!  Millions of Pinoys work in global, multicultural organizations.  Pinoy leaders are hard-wired to bring their cultural values and traits into  day-to-day work situations.  This primer, an introduction before you get immersed in the formal eLearning course, explains the great potential of Fiipinos to lead in a global setting as well as the barriers that they need to overcome to unleash that potential.
This Course is Best For

Pinoys who work or who want to work in global, multicultural organizations who are: 

  1. Aspiring/ preparing to be supervisors/managers

  2. Supervisors, team leaders and managers but new in the role

  3. Tenured supervisors, team leaders and managers but have not received formal training

  4. Tenured supervisors, team leaders and managers who have received formal training but want to get refreshed on the fundamentals of leadership

Completion Time
Maximum of 1.5 hours
Course Access
Up to 3 Years from course enrollment

Course Curriculum

  • 1

    Welcome, Global Pinoy!

    • Welcome to LJMB Online! Your Award-winning L&D Partner in the Philippines!

    • Meet Your Instructor

    • What Do We Mean By Global L.E.A.D.E.R. and What Are the 6 Courses?

    • Course 1 Rationale

    • Our SUGGESTIONS for Successful COURSE Completion + Troubleshooting Tips!

    • Engage with Your Co-learners, Get Ready to Share Your ACQs!

    • Join the Conversation on LinkedIn!

  • 2

    Course 1 - PRIMER: Take the Leap from DOER to PEOPLE MANAGER

    • Overview of the FREE Primer

    • Lecture Videos: Guide Instructions

    • Video 1: Why A Course Specifically For Filipino Leaders?

    • Learning Checkpoint 1

    • Video 2: What Makes The Filipino A Competitive Global Talent... Here Are 9 Reasons!

    • Learning Checkpoint 2

    • Video 3: Our Vision: Moving From Global Workers To Global Leaders

    • Learning Checkpoint 3

    • Video 4: What Do We Mean By A "GLOBAL LEADER"?

    • Learning Checkpoint 4

    • Video 5: What We Pinoy Leaders Need To Improve

    • Learning Checkpoint 5

    • Video 6: Valuing And Conquering Our Cultural DNA

    • Learning Checkpoint 6

  • 3


    • Closing Message From Your Instructor


  • 4

    Your Feedback Is Important To Us

    • Congratulations for finishing your course! We'd love to hear from you, please leave us a feedback!

  • 5

    Post-Course Support

    • Free Email Consultation

    • Request For A Virtual Class or Blended Learning Program

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