LJMB Online is your Expert, Engaging, Learner-focused Digital Learning Partner! From April 1, 2020 to March 31, 2021, we have delivered a total of 342 virtual classes reaching 20,000+ audiences from 450+ organizations, across 15 countries and 4 continents!

LJMB is a 16-year old Training/Learning-Human Resources-OD partner of over 450 companies from more than 22 industries.

We continue to provide highly customized learning solutions in the areas of Leadership and Management Development, Team Building/ Effectiveness, Customer Service, Salesmanship, Train-the Trainer and Presentation Skills and so much more.

Our learning solutions are so customized that we in LJMB immerse ourselves in our client’s businesses through intensive Diagnosis and Needs Analysis activities that include not just the usual interviews, FGDs and surveys but extensive field work/ on site observations of participants in action and in-depth study of client’s history, documents and data. This effort in studying our clients allowed us to design or facilitate - on top of our delivery of training programs - the creation of systems, process flows, guidelines, scripts that solve our client’s issues.

This approach - generally more advanced than what is currently done in the training consulting industry - enables us to work with different industries successfully. Name it from ‘A to Z’, we have served organizations from the Academe, Banking, Beauty and Fashion, BPOs, Construction, Distribution, Energy, Food, Government, Healthcare, Hotels/ Hospitality, Insurance, IT, Logistics, Manufacturing, Pharma, Pre-Need, Real Estate, Retail, Ship Management, Shared Services Centers, Telecommunications etc.


Our CEO and Chief Consultant, Louie Banta, is possibly (arguably) the only Filipino L&D Professional who has trained local management teams in 4 different continents - America, Asia, Australia and Europe. Together with our pool of Training Consultants, Louie has effectively facilitated courses for diverse audiences - from staff level employees all the way to top management teams.

From LJMB’s humble roots in 1997-2000 when Louie Banta trained small businesses during his weekends and now to servicing industry leaders and global corporations at 6-digit figures per day and averaging more than 20 training days per month all year round, LJMB has come a long way. All these without any proactive sales or advertising effort, without lifting the phone for telemarketing purposes, with very limited any sales-marketing agency to introduce us to their clients.

This growth in client base requires a team of professionals energized with a mission of #GreatWork, guided by our “Row Our BOAT” Values and operating within a culture where “we don’t stop when tired but we stop when we’re done”. Building the LJMB Team has been an evolving process since 2010 - where only the ‘right people’ who can embrace the organizational realities and standards flourish.

This is our story and we have just started. We will own the future of L&D Consulting in the Philippines.